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We work with entrepreneurs, business owners, executives and other organizational leaders to transform the way they do business – whether they are looking to improve performance or communication, exceed goals, grow their business or their teams.

Here is what the Research Says:

Leadership Development transforms the way we do business.“Leaders who express more positive emotions in turn stimulate the same emotions in followers, who then perceive the leader as more charismatic and effective.”– Bono and Ilies (2006)

“Leader hope is associated with follower satisfaction and retention.” Peterson & Luthans, 2003

“At the organizational level, an authentic approach to leading is found to be related to positive outcomes in the human enterprise, including higher levels of self-esteem, psychological well-being, enhanced feelings of friendliness and elevated performance.” Grandey, Fiske, Mattila, Jansen, & Sideman, 2005

“Through increased self-awareness, self-regulation and positive modeling, authentic leaders foster the development of authenticity in followers. In turn, followers’ authenticity contributes to their well-being and the attainment of sustainable and veritable performance.”– Gardner, Avolio, Luthans, May and Walumba 2005

“Authentic leaders are ‘good in their skin,’ so good they don’t feel a need to impress or please others. They not only inspire those around them, they bring people together around a shared purpose and a common set of values and motivate them to create value for everyone involved.” – Bill George, Harvard Business Journal

Our Approach: Authentic Leadership & Communication, and Positive Engagement

Lead, build trust, and have a team of YOU ambassadors who exceed performance goals by learning and practicing the principles of Authentic Leadership.

The four core elements of authenticity are:

  • Self-Awareness. You know what is important to you, whether it is values, identity, emotions, goals or motives.
  • Balanced Processing. You can consider multiple sides of an issue and analyze all relevant information before making a decision.
  • Relational Authenticity. You and your team are transparent and genuinely invested in building authentic relationships with each other, and within the organization.
  • Authentic Behavior. Simply stated, you are you and your actions, words and displayed emotions are a representation and validation to it.

Positive Engagement and Teams: The Losada Line 3:1

Your Small Business Coach will help you learn how to empower your team with Leadership Development skills.A decade of research on high and low performance teams, by psychologist Marcial Losada found the minimum positive to negative ratio for a successful team is 3:1. This means that it takes about three positive comments, interactions, experiences or expressions to fend off the languishing effects of one negative. Dip below this level, known as the Losada Line, and workplace performance quickly suffers. Rise above it, and the results are predictably positive. Get your team performance to a 6:1 and your team is performing at peak levels!

Learn how to empower your teams by establishing positive working relationships that are mutually beneficial and built on trust and vitality. We work with you to address the core functions within successful teams and leadership:

  • Communicating consistently the goals, vision and desired outcomes
  • Understanding, acknowledging and utilizing individual strengths
  • Expressing appreciation and or gratitude
  • Developing emotionally intelligent leadership
  • Cultivating individual self-efficacy, hope, optimism and resiliency

How we can help

  1. Get clarity on what it is you truly want to do.
  2. Discover your innate and awesome skills and strengths and learn how you can use them to propel yourself forward.
  3. Evaluate and understand your Communication style and the styles of your team, identify any gaps, and how to bridge them.
  4. Develop a value driven vision and mission for you, your leadership, and your team.
  5. Establish a plan of action which cultivates emotional intelligence, authentic leadership, and positive employee engagement while also accomplishing the business objectives and goals.


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My Stellar Life by Design plan was spot on! I was challenged to re-evaluate, reconsider, and re-invest in my own happiness. I have never felt so free, or been able to realize the future with such clarity.
- Anna Ruiz

Stellar Life allowed for very open and honest discussions that prompted me to reflect inward, come to real conclusions, express those findings, and allow them to manifest in my day to day life in order for me to work toward my best self.
- David Jessup

Stellar Life has given me tools. Tools that I can apply in both life and work that allow me to be more confident with my colleagues, to take calculated risks, know when to apply my strengths to lead, and become a better communicator. Business has never be this fulfilling... or this much fun.
- Ryan Snyder

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