There is a shift happening...

One way or the other we all feel it- from the job we cannot find satisfaction in- no matter how good at it we are or how much money it brings us. The relationship we find no comfort or love in despite our greatest efforts to hold on to it. Or the goals we set to be fit that have lost their ability to drive us. We know that something has to change but if it is not the job, the relationship or the chiseled body then what is it that we really want?

We want a meaningful life, an authentic life - a Stellar Life. Where we can take decisive action in all aspects of life with confidence. Where love has grace; and our work is a source of soul nurturing, and money flourishing success. But where do we begin?

What Is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching at its core is a partnership in self-discovery. It is a safe relationship where clients can experience their lives without a filter and learn new strategies to cope, accept and adapt.

At Stellar Life Coaching we specialize in positive psychology coaching - which means we focus on positive evidence based solutions. While therapy will address those deep rooted emotional ailments from the past and seeks to identify what is "wrong", positive psychology coaching seeks out what is right, what is working, and focuses in on those positive attributes and how to further cultivate them to address and overcome the obstacles of the now, today, and moving forward.

Life Coaching is an affective and affordable option to implement long lasting positive changes. In fact your life can otherwise be good- positive psychology coaching is a resource to make a good life Great.

Why A Life Coach?

In a few words: objectivity, motivation, knowledge, resources, accountability, and above all results. But don’t take our word for it, look at the science:

Ample research shows that when individuals try to implement a new skill they are up to 80% more successful with a coach than with a peer, manager, or friend.

In controlled studies using a life coach increased resilience, optimism, and general well-being.

In business when using a coach as a supplement to training it increases the likelihood of continued and long term practice of the information, instead of using training alone.

There is no one size fits all for happiness. It is totally subjective. When we say we want to be happy, we seldom define what happiness actually means for ourselves. Our goal at Stellar Life Coaching is to help you define and discover your version of happiness and show you how you can begin to live your Stellar Life.

If you are ready for a change and you want to learn how to...

  • Live an authentic and meaningful life
  • Improve performance at work
  • Face and overcome difficult or negative situations
  • Build your emotional intelligence
  • Establish deeper more meaningful relationships
  • Explore and define your strengths
  • Connect with what drives you in business
  • Find purposeful engagement with work and love

Then Stellar Life Coaching can help.

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My Stellar Life by Design plan was spot on! I was challenged to re-evaluate, reconsider, and re-invest in my own happiness. I have never felt so free, or been able to realize the future with such clarity.
- Anna Ruiz

Stellar Life allowed for very open and honest discussions that prompted me to reflect inward, come to real conclusions, express those findings, and allow them to manifest in my day to day life in order for me to work toward my best self.
- David Jessup

Stellar Life has given me tools. Tools that I can apply in both life and work that allow me to be more confident with my colleagues, to take calculated risks, know when to apply my strengths to lead, and become a better communicator. Business has never be this fulfilling... or this much fun.
- Ryan Snyder

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